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Tropical Sun Natural Irish Moss 100g

Tropical Sun Natural Irish Moss 100g

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Whether making a traditional Caribbean style Irish Moss drink, homemade sea moss gel, or nutritionally boosting your soups, stews and smoothies, Tropical Sun Irish Moss is the all-natural ingredient for you!

Free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavourings, our Irish moss, also known as Carrageen, is wildcrafted in The Caribbean Sea.

Note: Due to variable oceanic conditions, some Irish moss may be less than perfect. We advise that customers manually inspect their moss in the preparation stage, discarding moss with a very light (white-ish) or very dark (muddy brown/ black) colour, retaining moss that is light-mid brown and/ or reddish in colour.  

 Box Contains:

- 1 x Natural Irish Moss

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