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Organic Jamaican Cerasee bush 50g Bitter Melon

Organic Jamaican Cerasee bush 50g Bitter Melon

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  • Cerasee is used in many cultures as an herbal treatment to a couple of medical conditions and predominantly the plant has also been studied for its healing benefits. Here are some of the known uses for Cerasee:
  • Weight Loss: Cerasee was effective in reducing and suppressing lipid (fat) accumulation in the body by successfully regulating adipogenic transcription factors and adipocytokine gene expression.
  • Diabetes: Possibly one of the most significant uses of Cerasee involves its application in diabetes treatment. Due to Cerasee’s hypoglycemic activity, studies all over the world were conducted for the plant for its use in diabetics.
  • Pregnancy and Abortion: Cerasee’s bitter taste led to the use of the plant as an abortifacient in several cultures.
  • Skin: Ground Cerasee stems and leaves are usually applied to the skin for its healing properties, hence its use in many skin diseases.
  • Cancer: Cerasee extract may be used as a supplement for breast cancer treatment or prevention.
  • Detox (Cleanse): Due to the antioxidant activity of Cerasee (Momordica), the plant is traditionally used for detoxification.
  • Clean Urine (To Pass Drug Tests): Cerasee tea is also believed to help in cleansing urine to pass drug tests because of it’s blood purifying and detoxifying properties.
  • Hair Growth: Some suggest the use of Cerasee in hair loss – according to traditional treatments, Momordica juice should be mixed with a dash of sugar as a paste for the scalp. This will help to naturally reduce hair loss.

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-1 x Cerasee bush

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