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Dog blood Herbal Bush

Dog blood Herbal Bush

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Health benefits:

It may be used to treat wounds, bruises and cuts. This may be done by making a tea from the leaves and then used it to wash the wounds, bruises and cuts and any other skin ailments. The tea may also be used as herbal bath and this can also treat the skin ailments as well. It really depends on the individuals the method they wish to use.

For pains including headaches, the tea from the leaf is a good remedy. Other uses include the clearing of the Fallopian tubes with the decoction and inflammation of the stomach, joints and just about anywhere on the body that is inflamed may be treated with this medicinal herb. It is also known as the fertility bush because there are those who use dog blood for infertility.

Weight: 10 gram

Box Contains:

- 1 x Dog blood Herbal Bush.

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