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Tropical Sun Jamaican Oxtail Seasoning 340ml Box of 6

Tropical Sun Jamaican Oxtail Seasoning 340ml Box of 6

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Oxtail originally meant the tail of an Ox. But these days it generally refers to beef tail. Oxtail is one of Jamaica?s favourite dishes, which is celebrated as the ultimate Caribbean comfort food.

Our carefully selected blend of herbs and spices will help you recreate the authentic tastes of Jamaican Oxtail.

You can add our seasoning to the pot whilst cooking or better still marinate your oxtail overnight before cooking for a rich, rustic, tropical flavour.

Use our Oxtail seasoning to marinate other varieties of beef, chicken, lamb, or fish to tropicalise your everyday meals and bring a true taste of Jamaica into your home.

Rub 2 tablespoons of Oxtail seasonings into every 500g of meat, poultry or fish and allow to marinate overnight before cooking, baking or grilling. Enjoy.

Box Contains:

- 1 x Tropical Sun Jamaican Oxtail Seasoning.

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