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Onga Chicken Cubes 4g

Onga Chicken Cubes 4g

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Product Details:

  • Onga's instant stock seasoning goes further and lasts longer because you control the amount you use for every great-tasting meal.
  • 4g formula - A blend of herbs & spices, salt & flavour enhancers
  • Versatile flavours for all your dishes.
  • Rich colour for different dishes.
  • Offers convenience. Just break up the CUBE with your fingers and crumble the amount you need over the food during cooking and stir up the great Onga taste!
  • Dissolves easily allowing for even distribution and just great tasting meals!
  • Goes further and lasts longer because you can control the amount you use for each meal.
  • Enhances almost any dish (meat or vegetarian) with a superb Onga flavour and rich colour, guaranteed to keep friends and family coming back for more.

    Box Contains:

    - 1 x Onga Chicken Cubes

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