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Africa’s Finest Cocoyam Fufu 680g

Africa’s Finest Cocoyam Fufu 680g

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Tropiway cocoyam fufu flour is a grain made from mashed cocoyam (a tropical root crop), cassava and saffron. This flour is used to make fufu, a staple dish in West African cuisine, and Ghana’s national dish. 

Fufu is a starchy side dish which is served alongside soups and stews. It is made in the following way:

  • Boil fufu flour in water, stirring and beating until it thickens. 
  • The texture should be soft and sticky.
  • When it has the correct texture, it is then shaped into balls.
  • The fufu can be dipped in soups and stews to soak up the liquid.

Ingredients: Cocoyam, Cassava, Saffron, Preservative: metabisulphite, Stabiliser: E471, Antioxidant E321

Box Contains:

- 1 x Africa’s Finest Cocoyam Fufu.

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