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Baldwins Sarsaparilla Original 1 Liter

Baldwins Sarsaparilla Original 1 Liter

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  • An authentic and refreshing drink from the Caribbean
  • Made from the root of the Sarsaparilla
  • Sarsaparilla it is beneficial for health
  • Soft drink concentrate with sugar and sweetener

Found in the kitchen cupboard of almost every Caribbean family in the UK, Baldwin’s Sarsaparilla has been the West Indian community’s go-to beverage since the 1960s. Simply dilute the concentrate with cold water to make a sweet, delicious drink in seconds. In the summer, serve with ice in a tall, frosted glass for maximum refreshment.

  • The Caribbean community’s favorite squash concentrate since the 1960s
  • Dilute with cold water to make a sweet and refreshing drink
  • In the summer heat, serve with ice for maximum refreshment
  • Made from the roots of the sarsaparilla plant


  • Package Dimensions: ‎32.79 x 25.2 x 23.6 cm; 13.77 Kilograms
  • Volume: ‎12000 Millilitres
  • Units: 12000.0 milliliter

Weight: 1.500 kg

Box Contains:

- 1 x Baldwins Sarsaparilla.


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