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Tropical Sun Ackee Mini 280g Case of 12

Tropical Sun Ackee Mini 280g Case of 12

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  • Jamaica Sun Ackee is the true fruit of Jamaica. Jamaica Sun Ackee goes through strict quality control to ensure it is the best quality ackee with the least mashed-up Ackee inside.
  • This unique fruit is, to the surprise of many, eaten as a vegetable: in Vol-aux-vents, with rice, in quiches, and most often in one of Jamaica's signature dishes - Ackee and Saltfish.
  • The Ackee is found on a medium-size tree that bears magnificent red and yellow pear-shaped fruits.
  • When ripe the pod naturally bursts to open into three sections to expose three shiny black seeds, each attached to a yellow edible aril.
  • It is this aril that is consumed after the seed has been removed.
  • To a real Jamaican there is no substitute for the taste of Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica - it is the true taste of home.

Box Contains:

- 1 x Ackee Mini

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