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Maizena Corn Starch 400g

  • Use for: fresh and fluffy cakes, juicy and hearty meats, crispy coatings, delicious fruit smoothies, and traditional atole.
  • Made in Mexico
  • For extra tender cakes and cookies, substitute this product for 1/3 of the flour used in your favorite recipes.
  • When preparing meatballs, hamburgers, or meatloaf, add 2 tablespoons to every 1 lb of ground meat.
  • To make a crispy coating for your chicken or fish, combine 1 cup of product, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of milk to make a batter. Coat chicken or fish and fry until golden.
  • Follow the directions for traditional atole, then freeze the mixture until it is frosty. Transfer it to a blender, add your favorite fruit, and process until smooth and frothy. Add sugar to taste, if desired. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy.

Box Contains:

- 1 x Maizena Corn Starch