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Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce 375g

  • Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce captures the authentic taste of Jamaican Jerk seasoning in a rich barbecue sauce, that is versatile and easy to use.
  • This unique sauce will add a spicy Caribbean flavor to all meat, seafood and vegetables prepared on the barbecue or in the oven.
  • For best results, brush both sides of the meat, seafood, or vegetables with the sauce during the last 5-6 minutes of cooking.
  • The sauce can also be used as a condiment or as a dip. It can also be added to casseroles, stews, or stir fry dishes.
  • The Jerk method of seasoning and cooking is a traditional Jamaican way of flavouring meat and dates back over 300 years
  • Jamaica is renowned for its spicy cuisine.
Box Contains:

- 1 x Grace Jerk BBQ Sauce