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Fresh UK Beef T-Bone Steak 5 Vacuum Packs (Price Per Kg)Box Aprx 3kg

Indulge in the rich and savory taste of our Fresh UK Beef T-Bone Steak. Each succulent bite is bursting with premium quality and flavor, carefully selected and vacuum packed to ensure maximum freshness. Our 5 vacuum packs are perfect for stocking up your freezer, making it easy to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal any time you crave it. From the juicy tenderloin to the hearty sirloin, this cut of meat is perfect for any meat lover. So fire up the grill, get ready to savor every last bite, and experience the ultimate in beefy deliciousness with our Fresh UK Beef T-Bone Steak!

Chilled Fresh United Kingdom INGREDIENTS

T Bone Steak