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Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillets (200g-230g)-2x5kg

Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillets (200g-230g)-2x5kg

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Introducing our Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillets, the ultimate protein source for a healthy and balanced diet. Our chicken is 100% halal-certified and carefully sourced from trusted farms to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Each fillet weighs between 200g-230g, providing a satisfying meal portion. With this bulk pack of 2x5kg, you can stock up on your favorite fillets and enjoy a constant supply of delicious and tender chicken. Our versatile fillets can be cooked in a variety of ways to suit your preferences, making it a staple ingredient in your kitchen. Order our Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillets today and savor the difference in taste and quality.

Chilled Fresh Halal 

Broiler Chicken Fillet.
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