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Fresh Halal 8 Way Cut Chicken 8x1.8kg

Fresh Halal 8 Way Cut Chicken 8x1.8kg

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Introducing Fresh Halal 8-Way Cut Chicken 8x1.8kg, the perfect choice for anyone who values quality and flavour in their meat! Our chickens are sourced from trusted Halal-certified suppliers, ensuring that they are raised and processed according to strict ethical and religious standards. The 8-way cut offers a convenient and versatile option for any recipe, from curries to roasts. The 8x1.8kg packaging ensures that you have plenty of chicken on hand for all your cooking needs, saving you time and effort in restocking. So whether you're cooking for your family or a large event, Fresh Halal 8 Way Cut Chicken 8x1.8kg is sure to impress. Order yours today and experience the perfect combination of quality and flavour!

Chilled Fresh Halal 

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