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Exclusive Snack Box

Exclusive Snack Box

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A snack box to treat yourself.

Box Includes: Multiple quantities of the below.


  • X2 Chee Zees’ Original & Jalapeño
  • X2 Big Foot’ Cheese & Spicy
  • X1 Cheeze Stiks
  • X1 Cherry Berries
  • X1 Cheese Krunches
  • X1 St Mary’s Banana Chips
  • X1 Butterkist Cookies*
  • X2 Butterkist Sandwich Cookies*
  • X2 National Sandwich Cookies*
  • X1 National Bits
  • X1 National Spiced Bun
  • X2 Bon Bon Bum Lollipops*
  • X1 Tang*
  • X10 Mixed Sweets
  • X1 Dg Sof Drink

Items with * means that they’re available in different flavours and one will be chosen at random. Please contact us if you would like to request a certain flavour.

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