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Ola Ola Pounded Yam 4.5kg Box of 4

Ola Ola Pounded Yam 4.5kg Box of 4

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Buy Ola Ola Pounded Yam Flour 4.5 kg. Ola Ola Pounded Yam flour is available in 4. 5 kg pack. Pounded yam flour is used to make smooth dough called pounded yam. Pounded yam is a special delicacy and very popular food in West Africa. It is a similar to mashed potatoes except that pounded yam is smoother, heavier and tastier.


  • Cuisine: African
  • Specialty: Suitable for Vegetarians

Box Contains:

- 1 x Ola Ola Pounded Yam.

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