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Jade Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce 150ml

Jade Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce 150ml

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Product Details:
  • Jade Bridge Dark Soy Sauce maintains the distinctive fragrance, aroma, delicious taste and rich nutrition of soybeans.
  • It has a fermentation process of more than 100 days. Made of selected soybeans. It has to get rich, mellow flavour and deep colour from a lengthy soybean fermentation process.
  • It is ageing of wheat, yeast and sugar results in distinctive salty, spicy, caramel, malt-flavours famous in red-braised dishes.
  • It has used dark soy sauce to add colour and depth of flavour to meat marinades, slow-cooked dishes.
  • When adding it to the dishes, it makes the food more attracting with golden brown colour and wonderful smells.

Box Contains:

- 1 x Jade Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce.

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