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Indomie Noodles Nigerian Onion Chicken 70g Box of 40

Indomie Noodles Nigerian Onion Chicken 70g Box of 40

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The Onion flavor was created in a quest to give consumers variant in taste; an opportunity for consumers to open up their taste buds and minds to the endless possibilities (in terms of flavors) of Indomie.

Quick to make, Delicious to tasteThe mother brand for the Indomie Family. This pack size and Chicken Flavor was the first product to be introduced in Nigeria. It's the favorite product of kids and is popularly called the Indomitables pack.

Indomie is a unique brand of Instant Noodles, loved by a majority of Nigerians. Having been in Nigeria for the last 31years, it has grown to become a household name in Nigeria owing to its delightful taste and wholesomeness.

  • Weight: 70g Packs

Box Contains:

- 1 x Indomie Noodles Nigerian Onion Chicken.

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