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Benjamins Honeytime Honey Rum and Lime Syrup 140ml

Benjamins Honeytime Honey Rum and Lime Syrup 140ml

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Benjamins Honey Time Honey, Rum and Lime syrup is used for cough and sore throat relief. 

It is an effective Jamaican Home remedy that contains vitamin C to give an added boost to the immune system. 

This product may cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking this medication.

Benjamins HoneyTime:

  • Contains Honey, Rum and lime 
  • Has vitamin C to help give immune system a boost
  • Cough and Sore throat relief
  • An effective Jamaican home remedy in a tasty honey syrup
  • 140ml
  • This product is not used to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any disease

Weight: 0.250 kg

Box Contains:

- 1 x Syrup

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