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Jamaican Chaney Root 50g

Jamaican Chaney Root 50g

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How to use Jamaican Chaney Root

Jamaican chaney root is used either as a herbal tea or as an integral ingredient for tonic drinks. To make chaney root herbal tea, firstly the root being used is normally allowed to soak overnight. The root is then boiled for 15 to 20 minutes after which it is strained and sweetened with honey or sugar. Jamaican Chaney root is combined with other herbs, such as Sarsaparilla, to create a tonic drink. The herbs must be boiled properly before use in order to reduce the risk of side effects.

Health Benefits of Jamaican Chaney Root

Since the chaney root has a high iron content it is particularly useful for strengthening and cleansing the blood; this is ideal for persons suffering from anemia and low blood count. The chaney root is also used to relieve back pain, arthritis and rheumatism. The root is also used to treat rashes and a host of skin problems. Jamaican chaney root is also used as a popular aphrodisiac, particularly amongst men who are looking for a boost for their sex drive and an increase in overall stamina as well as a remedy for impotence.
The chaney root is also used to help stop internal hemorrhaging in women, which may occur after childbirth or during menstruation. This is accomplished by boiling the root with garlic for around 15 minutes then allowing the remedy to cool, after which the mixture is sipped throughout the day. Chaney root is also used as a remedy for fatigue and was an “old time” treatment for syphilis.

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