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Indomie Noodles Onion Chicken 70g

Indomie Noodles Onion Chicken 70g

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Noodles: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil, contains Antioxidant E319), Iodized Salt, Humectant (E452), Acidity Regulator (E500, E501), Thickener (E412), Color (E101), Seasoning Powder: Iodized Salt, Flavor Enhancer E621, E627, E631), Sugar, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract, Dry Leek, Onion Powder, Chicken Flavor, Spices, Seasoning Oil: Refined Palm Oil, Onion, Chili Powder


  • Store in a cool dry place

Cooking Instructions


Instructions: 1. Empty Indomie noodles into 250cc (approx. 1 glass) of boiling water and simmer for 2 minutes then turn the noodles to the other side.
2. Add seasoning powder, seasoning oil, and chill powder, to your taste and stir occasionally. Cook until water is almost dried up.
3. Your delicious noodles is ready to be served.
For soup style, prepare with 350cc (approx. 1 3/4 glasses) of water and cook for 3 minutes.
Indomie may be garnished with meat, fish, poultry and vegetables to your taste.

Number of uses

  • Serving size: 70g, Serving per pack 1

Net Contents

  • 70g

Box Contains:

- 1 x Indomie Noodles Onion Chicken.

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