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CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Hair Spray Hold Level 5

CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Hair Spray Hold Level 5

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Fast drying aerosol hair spray protects against humidity and creates voluminous full bodied looks.
Features and Benefits:

Extra firm.
Fast drying.

Key Ingredients:
Great Burdock:Stimulates hair growth, healthy scalp.
Vitamin B5:Hydrates and strengthening follicles.
Calendula:Hydrate scalp, removes dandruff.
Chamomile:Healthy scalp and hair strands.
Cinnamon Bark:Removes build up from the scalp.
Rough Horsetail:Anti bacterial, stimulate hair growth.
Wild geranium:Deep cleansing, for dry and oily dandruff.
Sea Buckthorn:Healthy scalp, Vitamin A, E.
Hops:Cleansing and Bodifying.
Black Walnut shell:Anti-inflammatory property.
Chaparral:Anti-inflammatory property.
Lemon Balm:Balance and refresh oily hair and scalp.
Rosemary:Promotes hair growth.
Sage:Anti bacterial, anti-oxidant properties.
Comfrey:Soothes and softens the hair.
Thyme:Improves blood circulations, Hair growth.
Nettle:Against hair loss, for hair growth.
Yucca:Thickens, anti-fungus, anti-dandruff.
Hold bottle 20cm away from hair. Spray evenly after styling hair to secure finish.
, 284 g,

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