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CHI Curls Defined Control Gel With Aloe Vera And Agave Nectar Blend

CHI Curls Defined Control Gel With Aloe Vera And Agave Nectar Blend

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Control curls and texture with this soft-hold gel that defines and smooths to eliminate frizz. Instantly absorbs and lightly moisturizes, resulting in shiny and touchable, crunch-free curls.
Gentle hair cares developed for natural curls and texture in need of definition, moisture replenishment and frizz control. To achieve bouncy and healthy- looking curls for all hair types. The special blend of Aloe Vera and Agave Nectar paired with a Super Hydration blend and a low pH will moisturize, protect and care for curls while helping to define, create and maintain the natural curl pattern of each strand.
Features and Benefits:

pH 5.
94% Natural Ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Vera Juice:It can strengthen your hair and hydrate.
Agave Nectar Juice:Help prevent dryness and help strengthen your hair.
Super Hydration Blend:It gives super moisturising for your hair.
Vitamin B5:Can reduce hair loss by strengthening strands and bases of hair follicles, which makes your hair look rich and thick. Increased intake of this powerful vitamin can be beneficial for preventing hair loss and encouraging the growth of strong and healthy hair.
Silk:Helps prevent frizz, tangles, and breakage, promoting shiny and soft hair.Helps to retain strength.
Shake well. Apply desired amount onto palms of hands and distribute evenly from mid-hair shaft to ends of damp hair and scrunch. Air dry or diffuse with a hair dryer on low settings.
, 147 ml,

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